Frequently Asked Questions for Special Event Planning in Quincy MA

There's nothing in the realm of event coordination and planning that The Bella Room at Quincy Sons of Italy in Quincy, MA, cannot help you accomplish. For this reason, it's difficult to explain how much we can do for you. We get lots of questions about party planning, event coordination, and all the services that we can provide for our clients. Below you'll find the most frequently asked questions we get, as well as the answers:
Q: I'm planning a wedding/seminar/event for 200 people. How much will this cost?
A: We don't expect that your event is the same as any other event we've planned for 200 people, so we don't have a pat answer for that. We want your event to be special, and so we need to talk more with you about the venue, the kind of food and entertainment you might like and many other details for your gathering. For example, if you have a sit-down meal it will be a more expensive gathering than a buffet or picnic. These details also coincide with decorations; you might like a simpler decoration for the buffet than the sit-down meal with servers. Our specialist will help you plan your event the way you want it planned, while sticking to your budget. Give us a call today to set up your free consultation and assessment.
Q: We can't come up with a theme for our party! Can you help us?
Q: I think I can handle the planning of my small wedding, but I need someone to take a look at my checklist to make any recommendations to me that I might have missed. Any chance you can do that for me?
Q: We'd like to host our nephew's Bar Mitzvah – but we don't really have time to make all the preparations and plans. Help!
Events like these should be exciting and fun – not a headache! We'll help you host and have a good time – at the very same event! Call The Bella Room at Quincy Sons of Italy today at 617-472-5900 and we'll help you get started.